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Dan Severn has traveled the globe teaching various forms of the fighting arts since 1980. From Amateur Wrestling, to Mixed Martial Arts… Dan Severn has perfected the art of Instruction. Severn is a pioneer in MMA, WWE Legend, UFC Hall of Famer… a symbol of the true United States competitive athlete.

But really… who is Dan Severn, and what has he accomplished?

 Degree in Education from Arizona State University

 Assistant Wrestling Coach at both Arizona State and Michigan State Universities and Head Coach for the Michigan Wrestling Club

 1984 Olympic Alternate for the United States Wrestling Team

 The only Triple Crown Champion in the UFC holding the “UFC V” “Ultimate Ultimate” and “World Super Fight” Championships.

 A 2 time NWA Heavyweight Champion, one of the most prestigious Championships in the history of professional wrestling, ranking amongst the top ten of all time.

 But most importantly, A Father to 5 Children


Dan Severn’s span of almost 40 years teaching Seminars has molded him into one of the most respectable teachers in MMA of our time. Below are samples of his seminars that are widely requested. Other forms of training are available upon request.


Seminar #1: ALL ON YOUR FEET: Closing the distance, takedowns, clinches and throws. Defending takedowns, clinches and throws. Standing submissions, great practice drills for striking to submissions. This seminar applies to MMA, variations can also apply to Gi and non-Gi submission grappling applications.

Seminar #2: DOWN TO THE MAT: (Man on top) Working inside the guard, striking applications, submissions, cranks and compression submissions. (Man on bottom) sweeps, reversals, submissions and striking opportunities. This seminar applies to MMA, variations can also apply to Gi and non-Gi submission grappling applications.

Seminar #3: THE CROSSMOUNT: (The Ultimate Position) Striking opportunities, submissions, cranks, the application of "PAIN!" (Tis better to give, than to receive)... This seminar applies to MMA, variations can also apply to Gi and non-Gi submission grappling applications.

Once again, these are samples. Dan Severn also does Amateur Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Greco Roman Wrestling and much more.


A Seminars typical length is 2 hours and 30 minutes. If a host requests a difference in timing, please let us know. This can be easily accommodated.


As you noticed from above, Mr. Severn has multiple seminars. If you are requesting for him to come in to your location, why not do two in one day?

After the first seminar, Mr. Severn requests a 30 minute break for participants to take a personal photo, autographs, etc. Then after the break is over, it’s time for “continuing education.” Hosts really enjoy this as it’s easier to market. Someone may not be able to make it to the first seminar, so they sign up for the second… or, there can be a package deal to attend both seminars. The great thing about this is the fact that it’s brand new instruction in the second seminar, and you don’t have to attend the first one to know what is going on.

It’s double the training, at no extra risk. Meaning, there is no charge for that second seminar. See PRICING for those details.


At our training facility in Michigan, we receive these same questions:

* What is the age limit?

* Do you have to be a beginner?

* I don’t want to fight, I just want to learn… is this okay?

Dan Severn has made his training for everyone, but still involves learning the skills necessary for competition. At the beginning of each seminar, he does explain that if you need to take a break, or sit out for a few minutes… no big deal. He is not there to break anyone, but to teach. This is essential in marketing to your students. The training is for everyone. If you have a large amount of younger children interested in learning some of the skills in MMA, we request that be held in a separate timeframe. This will keep a good flow going of all seminars.


The fee for an MMA Seminar is $1,500 + trans/hotel (or $500 extra for Mr. Severn’s office to make those arrangements). Meals are also appreciated.

Pending on what you are looking to charge your students or the community, here is a quick chart:

$2,000 divided by $100 = 20 students

$2,000 divided by $75 = 27 students

$2,000 divided by $50 = 40 students

The second seminar pricing is simply, just a 50/50 split of what you make on that seminar. Hosts really enjoy this aspect, as it’s extra training without a dime coming out of their pocket for it.

A 25% Non Refundable fee is requested to hold the date of the seminar.


If Dan Severn is already coming to your area, he likes to try to “keep busy” in preparation for your Seminar. Contact your local health clubs, newspapers, other media outlets and get the word out that you have a sports celebrity at your school for training. Mr. Severn does not mind doing interviews to help promote. Announce that he will be doing a meet and greet for the community 30 minutes to an hour before the seminar to help gain attention to your location, and possibly bring in another couple of participants to the seminar. If there are opportunities for Dan Severn to make an appearance fee at a sports bar (or similar) the night before, he would be happy to come in and once again help promote your location and the seminar. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to ask. Lastly, every commitment Dan Severn has, he always brings his UFC Championship belts for fans to take photos with and other Dan Severn merchandise for those to purchase. He requests 2 or 3 tables for these items.


My name is Allie Alberigo and I am a career martial artist training since the age of three years old with 43 years of martial art experience. I also run L.I. Ninjutsu Centers a highly successful martial art school for 20 years teaching traditional Ninjutsu and Ju Jutsu. Throughout my career, I have had many amazing teachers come to my schools for seminars. One of the best seminars I have ever hosted was Dan Severn. Dan is not only a UFC Champion, an amazing wrestler, but he is also a gentlemen and an amazing teacher. You see I have had people come to my school that are great fighters, champions and even some Hollywood Celebrities but what makes the seminar amazing is the connection the teacher has with the students. Mr. Severn is everything you need to host one of the best seminars ever. Trust me, we have had him to my school many times and the students keep coming back. That is a true sign that he leaves an impact. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me at 1 888 LININJA or email me at


Dan "The Beast" Severn who I have come to know though the seminars he has taught me, to Law Enforcement Officers and through the MMA Seminars at my schools. He always provides an exciting delivery of the material and his methodology is top notch providing an interesting and exciting format of drills and exercise to captivate an experienced practitioner or for the beginner. I host a seminar every year and will continue to do so. His Danger Zone Fight MMA fight promotions are run in a very professional manner and the fight matching is superb. It is one of the only venues in the State of Michigan that I feel comfortable with my fighters competing. Dan truly believe in the future "positive" growth of the sport of MMA.

Respectfully, Dan Allen Warriors Den

My name is Dan Paulson; I am the owner and chief instructor at Martial Art Concepts, LLC and a co owner of I have hosted several Dan “The Beast” Severn grappling seminars at my training facility. The techniques are excellent, the curriculum is challenging, and the presentation is delivered in a professional manner. Hosting a Dan Severn grappling seminar is a great idea for any martial art school. It doesn’t matter what style you practice, Dan will give you techniques that will find their way into your standard curriculum. In fact if you are a stand up striking stylist, the information presented could save your life if you are confronted by an experienced grappler. If you have any questions regarding my experience hosting a Dan “The Beast” Severn seminar, feel free to contact me via email or by phone (760) 728 -9948.

At Gordon Martial Arts, we bring in a dozen or so special guests every year to teach seminars so our students are exposed to many different arts. However, every guest we've ever hosted has been from the traditional martial art world. And having a traditional martial art school teaching Taekwon-Do and Hapkido, at first I was apprehensive to bring in Dan 'The Beast' Severn. However, he came into the school, gauged the participants, and ran his seminar based on their level. Everyone was comfortable, had a good time, and learned some useful MMA skills. So much so that I invited him back for another seminar and wouldn't hesitate to bring him back for future events as events like this help to boost retention and sets us apart from other kick & punch schools out there. Traditional school owners, if you want to give your students a taste of UFC/MMA, Dan 'The Beast' Severn is where you should start your search.
Thomas Gordon
Crestview, Florida



We hope we were able to answer all of your questions. If not, we would be more than happy to take the time to speak with you. Our contact information is:

Michigan Sports Camps
PO Box 981
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If you would like to speak directly with Dan Severn, we would be happy to make that connection.

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